Friday, February 23, 2018

The Pink Lady Of Hollywood!!

Many people ask me "What do you do?"  That is sort of a LONG answer so I want to explain it here for you. I am Kitten Kay Sera .. I am many things.  a PINK Passionista, a TV Personality, a Recording Artist, a Children's Book Author, Reality TV Star,  a Commercial Actress, a Red Carpet Reporter, YouTuber, I get paid to promote products that I love and am an Influencer.
I make a living off of all of the above. Just an all around ENTERTAINER.
I came out to Hollywood from Houston TX to be continue my life as a Singer but when I got here (being such a visual person ) I got cast for TV/ Film and Commercials just literally walking down the street. I have embraced all the opportunities that have come my way! I love what I do ..

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